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Hearsay and Hyperbole

Photo by Miriam Singer (used without permission)

Miner Street Recordings welcomes Alexis Powell‘s ambitious new project, Hearsay and Hyperbole, produced by Joe Bisirri. Alexis’s beautiful voice had the distinguished accompaniment of some truly excellent players including Christopher Powell of Man Man (no relation) and the fabulous, yet perpetually humble Jesse Sparhawk. Somehow Alexis sang over the mayhem of the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby outside!

All the way from Denmark! Ladies and Gentlemen….Jeremy Sparrow

Jeremy Sparrow is the diligent pop music of our wonderful Danish friend, Lasse Smed. Lasse came to Miner Street for 12 days to mix his fantastic new 11 song record with Jonathan Low and Brian McTear.  A ton of coffee was made (and largely consumed) by Mr. Smed, and many a conversation was had about artists like The Go Betweens, Teenage Fan Club, Robin Hitchcock, and others.